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The projected ‘Islamic Cultural Centre Graz’ was instigated by the Muslim community in Styria. Our association was founded in 1992 in Graz. In 2012, the name of the association was changed to ‘Islamisches Kulturzentrum Graz’ (Islamic Cultural Centre Graz).

With its 800 member families it is the largest Muslim association in Styria. Our members originate from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary and, of course, Austria. At present, the association is based in a former single-family home at Hans-Groß-Gasse 17, which regrettably no longer meets our requirements.

In Graz there is an ever increasing number of Muslims, yet due to a shortage of space, prayers have to be performed under substandard conditions. As these circumstances require a new solution, our desire to erect a mosque has been growing steadily.

Our prayers were finally answered and the Islamic Cultural Centre can finally be realised. In 2009 the project was started and in 2010 a suitable site was purchased. The architectural design of the future Islamic Cultural Centre was determined through an international architectural design competition. We now invite you to contribute to this unique project!

The Islamic Cultural Centre Graz is dedicated to the preservation of the Islamic religion and its customs and promotes the integration of Muslims in Austria. We advise our members in religious, social and cultural matters and assist them in their personal and professional development by creating programmes which meet their specific requirements. We offer lectures on family issues, workshops on education and upbringing, Quran recitations and discussions on religious topics.

If you need further information please  do not hesitate to contact us.

More informations about our activities you can find on the page “What We Offer”.