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About our Islamic Center

Our prayers were finally answered and the Islamic Cultural Centre can finally be realised. In 2009 the project was started and in 2010 a suitable site was purchased. The architectural design of the future Islamic Cultural Centre was determined through an international architectural design competition.

A total of nine teams participated anonymously in the international architectural design competition. Both newcomers and experienced architects from different religious and ethnic backgrounds were invited to submit their designs. The competitors came from Austria, Jordan, Turkey, Iran, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Sandžak. Eventually, the architecture firm gsp-architektur was unanimously awarded the first prize. In a press conference the winning project was presented to the public by the town’s mayor, Mag. Sieggfried Nagl. The expert panel was composed of members of the Styrian Chamber of Civil Engineers, the executive board of the city planning office, well established experts in Islamic architecture and design, as well as Muslim representatives.